Customers may see how utilizes and protects their private information with the help of this privacy statement.


What are the features of the website?


Customers can conserve cash on their purchases by using the promotional codes and rebates that provides for a variety of major brands.

We get a cut of the sale when a customer lands on one of our promo codes and uses it to make a payment. The revenue earned is then used to enhance the operation of our online presence and our other offerings.


Referral Networks


Affiliate advertisements are relationships with third parties that a brand offers to various marketers.


To increase sales of their items, these linkages are used. Customers are sent to the brand's webpage or area where they can make purchases once they tap on these hyperlinks.


Data exchange


To offer you services from third parties, we may disclose non-personally identifiable data to our business partners and advertisers.

We also use your information to monitor how you navigate and communicate with our online platform.


Data security


Your data will be used by the Data Protection Law. You are given the ability to safeguard your data while exposing it publicly.


You can get in touch with the proper authorities or take legal measures if you think your liberties have been abused or that the law has been broken and your data has been exploited.


Cookies are implemented


To help us optimize the functionality of our site and the user's background, we rely on cookies to recognize you when you browse it. We employ three types of cookies.


Cookies for evaluation


Analyzing trackers is useful for monitoring and analyzing user behavior on a website so that it may be evaluated and improved.


Emphasizing cookies


Cookies that target you gather information about the websites and pages you visit to determine your preferences. They recognize your web browser and gadget, so they may customize the data collection appropriately.


Promoting cookies


Retargeting initiatives are the main use of marketing cookies. They keep tabs on how users browse an internet site and then show them pertinent ads according to their interests.